Zi Wei Astrology – Zi Wei Dou Shu (Aka Purple Star or Emperor Astrology)

Since time immemorial, human has been dreaming of reaching the Sky but to be more specific, Astrologers and Meta-physicians have been amazed by the distance of ever reaching it and to be able to decipher the significance of the stars appearing in the night sky. According to ancient records, the Ancient Chinese believed that there was a one-to-one correspondence between people on Earth and the Stars in Heaven.

The oldest systems of using stars to read the life of a human being in Ancient China was founded during the Qin Dynasty. It was known then as the Five-Star Astrology where its approach had close resemblance to their Western counterparts. However, there were discrepancies and its accuracy had thrown up more questions than answers. The conclusion then was at best superficial, and at worst, tongue in cheek piece of work.

This led to further research and unveiled two different  ホームページ制作 福岡  lines of thought on this subject of Destiny.

Both school of thoughts generally agreed that the Qi ( loosely translated as “Vital Force of Life” ) present at the moment of birth that determines the life of a person. The Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny introduced to the world by Xu Zi Ping explained that Qi in terms of Five Elements aspects and everything in our livelihood revolve around it and subjected to its continual balancing influence at decade, annually, monthly, daily and double-hourly levels as governed by their respective Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in the respective person’s pre-determined DNA at birth.

The other school of thought is called Zi Wei Dou Shou. In modern days interpretation, it can be loosely called Purple Star or Emperor Astrology. In Short, it is also popularly called Zi Wei Astrology.” Zi Wei”, also a Emperor Star, is a constellation of Stars in the sky or Heaven. “Dou” is another manner of calling it Star in the Chinese context. “Shu” means Calculation, Interpretation or simply Divination of Numbers. The Ancient Chinese professed that every happening corresponds to a number. If one can find the number by calculation, then it is believed that we will have control in our hands. Thus, the whole descriptive name of ” Zi Wei Dou Shu” advocates a way to understand the stars and led by Zi Wei to find the Divination number which reveals all that we want to know about our past, present and future.

It is difficult to trace to who is the original founder of Zi Wei Dou Shu. Historical records and thesis was traced to Taoist Master Chen Xi Yi during the early Sung dynasty ( AD 960 – 1127). Subsequently, there were two versions discovered. Briefly, they were: the comprehensive handbook of Zi Wei Dou Shu and the comprehensive collections of Zi Wei Dou Shu. Hence, there were variations in interpretation techniques though it still arrive at the same outcome.

Some Chinese metaphysics scholars or practitioners believe that the Stars used in Zi Wei Dou Shu are real stars in the Universe with different degree of intensity and hence its influence on humans. While others believe that they are simply special galaxy of energies that exist in the Universe. As there are unlimited amount of stars in the Universe, the stars used in Zi Wei Dou Shu can range from 26 to more than hundred over according to different schools and their respective teaching methodologies.

The fact that the stars has been personified by the practitioners and scholars alike with their own reasoning and research findings enlightened them over a long period of time, to challenge it otherwise would be a futile attempt by modern practitioners and scholars as it has been proven to be effective in deciphering our own “da vinci codes” of our livelihood.

Whether these Stars are real or just virtual energies, it is immaterial as long as we are able to translate it into something meaningful and use this knowledge to understand how it can affect human mind, human action and reaction, moral standards, prosperous state of affairs, happiness and melancholy, good and not-so-good.

The principles and theoretical foundations may appear rudimentary if you already had prior metaphysical basics built up from other subjects like Feng Shui or Geomancy, Bazi or Four Pillars, Qi Men Dun Jia, Liu Ren. During that precise moment of birth, these stars are believed to simultaneously enter into the human body and become the implanted nature of the person. This may appear to be over-the-top for most people to accept such fairy tales description of how life is created. Following on this “new life”, these implanted stars will influence different aspects of life in different manner in different times over the course of their life journey.

Interestingly, this explanation matches real life in that how well do we resemble our parents in personality, characters, habits, achievement and how we live our daily life. It is very unlikely that one will have a DNA or Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart similar to either of our parents. In this illustration, one will agree that do not necessarily inherit our characters, nature, personality to the “T” from our parents, though there are some degree of semblance in behaviour but the norms are likely to be remote in higher percentages of the most cases of familial relationships.

In the beginning, a Zi Wei Chart was popularly constructed in a circular form. Later, it has evolved into a square or rectangle format which is very much a personal preference rather than a standard to be adopted. Essentially, the twelve palaces therein describes twelve aspects of a person’s life. The relative positions of the palaces are important and useful in interpretation especially as to determine whether a particular life event will materialize be in good or not-so-good terms.

There is a body palace which is not one of the twelve palaces and it can reside in one of the following palaces: Life/Fate, Spouse/Marriage, Wealth/Feeding, Travel/Outdoors, Career/Activity, Virtue/Happiness/Karmic. The Body Palace cannot reside in the other remaining six palaces.

The Body Palace has special dimension. Most Ancient Chinese people believe in reincarnation. What is means in layman terms is: ” The soul of a living being does not die after the body dies. The energy has to undergo another life and another life with no ends. In each life, this soul gained added wisdom. For some they gained more, while others may gain less. Some souls could deteriorate while others achieved higher echelons in wisdom progression. Ultimately, it is how one lives their life. Hence, the current soul of a living person is affected by the way how one lives their previous life.

In this case, the location of the body palaces in either one of six palaces mentioned above has a certain degree of significance and also explain why in our current life, we have a strong tendency to pay a close attention to certain aspects of our life more in certain areas while naturally neglected certain areas which in turn affect our general well-being and our chosen path in our current destiny.

Just a simple example to illustrate. If one’s body palace is located in the career/activity palace, this person considers career his/her most important and he/she is likely to spend a lot of time on it like his/her life mission and he/she is a 100% Organisation/Corporate person. His/Her life revolves around it no less. However, if the stars inherent therein are not favourably aspected, then he/she is likely to experience upheavals and challenges in his/her relationship matters. The intensity will be triggered by the movement of time over his/her life time.

This begs the question – “What Can I Do about it after knowing my pre-determined destiny?”. There will be many questions after questions. Though one may know the answers already, but a high 90 plus percentage will choose to either ignore it as if it wont’ happen to them and simply wanting to continue in dream-state mode till hard reality sets in and then desperately looking for help like a final stage cancer patient.

At the end of the day, the choice is still in our hands. Miracle can only happen if we know in advance about the likely situation and do something about it now than too late to alter the course of future events or to avert potential future pitfalls in life especially it can be altered through one’s positive actions and thought processes to mimick behaviours and habits that will bring you closer to your desired outcome. Be Forewarned is to Be Prepared in advance.


Metal Roofing: A Wise Choice

Renovation refers to reformation. When it comes to renovating a home, it is very easy to guess that the roof replacement takes away the entire efforts and time. There is so much to do, right from collecting quotations, comparing prices, hiring a contractor, arranging materials, regular monitoring and so on.

The most challenging part is to finalize the roofing type. Though metal roofing would be a common choice, a certain bargain exists regarding its price. Without any second thoughts you could go for the metal shingles given its resilient feature.

Metal is such an element which possesses a variety rewarding features. Apart from its durability, metal is resistant towards fire and water. Moreover, it can also stand severe climatic conditions. Thus, it provides an array of benefits for a little high price. One cannot deny the fact that choosing metal roofing is a long-term investment and not expenditure.

The chief drawback of sticking to traditional roofs is that they have to be repaired or reinstated in every twenty to twenty-five years. Further, traditional roofs tend to lose their color and luster in a very short span of time. Comparatively, metal roofing structures promises a life span of about fifty years and more. For a little extra money at the time of installation, metal roof gives back double benefits. All the more, it even retains its authentic color and sheen under any extreme climatic conditions.

As any other kind of roofing material, metal roofing too comes in various colors and designs. The ultimate expenditure for metal roofing is calculated taking into account its installation charges as well. The costs may vary for different projects since every project might involve different metal materials.

Taking into consideration the installation costs involved, some owners choose to fix it up themselves. But, you need not pay more for fastening up a metal roof as normal installation charge is applicable. However, it is good to remember that professional hands work best.

You would definitely want to look out for some esteemed and experienced companies that deliver impeccable service for installation of metal roofs. Instead of finalizing yourself, it is always advisable to seek a few other homeowners who have carried out such work in the past from any particular roofing company. Their positive feedback will help you decide for your home. Besides, you also get an opportunity to run your eyes through the performance of any particular group.


Finding Plus Size Swimsuits Made Easy

It is difficult looking for a swimsuit, but it seems it is a little harder task if you’re looking for plus size swimsuits. Your local retailer may have some plus size swimsuits, but usually you buy them because there is no selection and you make do with what they have.

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There are many options out there for you in color style and price in cheap plus size swimsuits. All you need to do is put a bit of effort into finding the right plus size swim suit for you. It is extremely important that your swimsuit is comfortable, not too tight and confining. Do not sacrifice style for comfort, it’s just not worth it. With the selection of plus size swimsuits you will find online today there is just no need for it. Surprise everyone, even yourself when you get ready for a day of soaking up the rays on the beach.

Plus size swimsuits, for when you want to look good and be comfortable while at the pool or on the beach.

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The Mystery of Stone Ship ((in English and Spanish)(from the Satipo Jungles, Peru))

A Legend out of the Jungles of Satipo)

English Version

(Advance) It’s a very old rock structure, brown, with a sandy like texture to it, about the size of a 17th Century Ship, it resides in the middle of the Perene Rio, in the Central Jungles of Peru, called Satipo. Deep within the jungle nearby this rock structure, lived a tribe of natives, the ‘Ashaninka,’ derived from the earlier natives called the ‘Arawak’ …I have visited an Ashaninka tribe myself; they are a warm hearted peaceful people, very creative in the arts. And so now for the Legend…:

Throughout the bloody and frightfully sixteen-hundreds, the so called Colonists (Colonos), with their slave ships, sought out the Ashaninka natives, for slaves, Steigercentrum valbeveiliging harnassen sold them to the highest bidder, in the Lima, and Huancayo markets, and in other parts of Peru, along with other cities of South America. The Colonists jammed an absolutely peaceful people into the guts of the ship; it was absolutely body to body. The officers were very cold and dehumanizing. The aftermath of these years took a toll; the Colonists had rapped the land like fire in dry grass-of its masses, putting them into slavery. These natives: insulted, frightened, none of them to return to their tribes. And the Colonists kept their recurrent surge up, keeping the slave-flesh, in the hole of the ship, with stale, deadly breath and putrid surroundings, many died on the journey to the markets, thrown over the stern of the ship for the fish and vultures to eat, once dead.

On a given day, something took place, that would mold into a legend, something, every Colonist would ponder on thereafter, and ship captains would forever take into account, when they’d sailed down the Rio Perene by what would be named-forevermore the ‘The Rock of Stone Ship.’

It was an atrociously hot day. The rain had stopped; the captain had anchored his ship in the middle of the river, scouts lowered a small vessel into the waters, turned the boat towards an orchard like opening of the jungle, they were to search for tribal members, and return to the ship with the information, where they were now, how many of them were useful as slaves. In the meantime the Captain and his crew remained waiting onboard.

In those days, the chief of the Ashaninka kept a look out for the ships. They knew what the Colonists were contemplating, and of course the ship was taller than anything in sight and filled a good portion of the center of the river, and it was of course a symbolical threat once seen. And on this hot summer’s day, it was seen by the chief, and his bodyguards.

The path the chief and his bodyguards were on came out on to the top of a hill; there they prayed that none of their kind would be kidnapped into slavery this day.

The scouts from the ship looked about spent quite a lot of their time trying to find stragglers, or the tribe itself, but they saw nothing, nothing but massive trees which shaded them from the hot sun, and would condemn them as they rested and fell to sleep, and when they awoke and went back to inform their captain of their fruitless search, they noticed suddenly the ship was gone. Refusing to believe the ship and its crew, and its captain could have left so anonymously, they moved about, but the only thing they found was a rock island mound in the middle of the river, that wasn’t there before, it resided where the ship had been anchored.

It was a brown structure, likened to the ship itself in design and some details, as if it was melted down from wood to soft stone, somewhat circular dimensions, the rock island being the same size of the ship, which was now covered with large ants, running about.

The Chief, now looking down from the top of the hill, could see the newly formed mound, and the three scouts standing on it, in disarray, he said nothing, just bowed his head.

Written 7-17-2009, in part, at the hotel in Satipo, while visiting the rivers and falls and natives of this Central, Peruvian Jungle

Spanish Version

El Misterio del Barco de Piedra

(Una Legenda de las Selvas de Satipo)

(Avance) Es una construcción de roca muy antigua de color marrón, con una textura arenosa, similar al tamaño de un barco del siglo diecisiete, éste reside en el medio del río Perene, en la Selva Central de Peru, en la ciudad llamada Satipo. Profundo dentro de la selva, cerca de esta construcción de piedra, vive una tribu de nativos llamada ‘Los Ashaninka’, descendientes de los primeros nativos llamados ‘Los Arawak’…Yo he visitado una tribu Ashaninka, ellos son personas pacíficas muy cordiales y muy creativos en las artes. Y ahora la leyenda…:

Durante los sangrientos y terribles años 1600s, los llamados colonos con sus barcos de esclavos, buscaban a los nativos Ashaninkas para esclavizarlos y venderlos al mejor postor en los mercados de Lima y Huancayo, y en otras partes de Perú, así como también en otras ciudades de Sudamérica. Los colonos, fríos e inhumanos, atascaban a esta gente pacífica en el interior de los barcos, era completamente cuerpo con cuerpo. Las repercusiones de estos años trajeron un número de víctimas, los colonos habían vejado esta tierra, como el fuego en pasto seco, de sus masas, poniéndolos en la esclavitud. Estos nativos insultados, asustados, ninguno de ellos retornaron a sus tribus. Los colonos mantenían su recurrente aumento, manteniendo la carne esclava en el hueco del barco, con viciado aliento mortal y alrededores putrefactos, muchos morían en el camino al mercado, siendo luego tirados sobre la popa del barco para que, una vez muertos, los peces y los buitres se los comieran.

Pero un día dado, algo tomó lugar que se moldearía en una leyenda, algo en que cada colono reflexionaría, y algo, en la que los capitanes de barco lo tomarían siempre en cuenta cuando navegaban por el río Perene, por los alrededores de lo sería llamado-siempre “La Roca del Barco de Piedra”

Era un atroz día caluroso, la lluvia había cesado y el capitán del barco había anclado en el medio del río, así los exploradores habían descendido a pequeños botes en el agua y se dirigían hacia una abertura de la selva, similar a una huerta, ellos iban a buscar a los miembros de las tribus y volverían al barco con la información de dónde se encontraban ahora, cuántos de ellos servirían como esclavos. Mientras tanto el capitán y su tripulación permanecían esperando en el barco.

En aquellos días, el Jefe de los Ashaninkas mantenía guardia sobre los barcos. Ellos, los Ashaninkas, sabían lo que los colonos estaban contemplando; y por supuesto, el barco era más alto que todo lo que se veía a la vista y ocupaba una gran porción en el medio del río, y era por supuesto, una amenaza simbólica una vez visto. Y en este día caluroso de verano, éste fue visto por el Jefe y sus guardaespaldas.

El camino que el Jefe de los Ashaninkas y sus guardaespaldas seguían llegaba a la cúspide de un cerro; allí ellos rezaron para que ninguno de su clase fuera secuestrado en la esclavitud ese día.

Los exploradores del barco miraron alrededor, emplearon bastante de su tiempo tratando de encontrar rezagados, o a la tribu misma, pero no encontraron nada, nada, sólo los árboles masivos que los protegían del sol caluroso y que los condenarían mientras ellos descansaban y se quedaban dormidos. Cuando ellos despertaron y regresaron a informarle a su capitán de su búsqueda infructuosa, ellos notaron repentinamente que el barco no estaba. Negándose a creer que el barco, su tripulación y su capitán podrían haber partido tan secretamente, ellos caminaron alrededor, pero la única cosa que ellos encontraron fue una isla de roca en el medio del río, que no estaba allí antes, ésta estaba donde el capitán había anclado el barco.

Era una construcción marrón, similar al mismo barco en diseño y algunos detalles, como si éste hubiera sido fundido de madera a piedra suave, de dimensiones un tanto circulares, la isla o montículo de roca era del mismo tamaño que el barco y ahora había sido cubierta con hormigas grandes corriendo por todos lados.

El Jefe de la Tribu, ahora mirando hacia abajo desde la cima del cerro podía ver al recientemente montículo formado y a los tres exploradores parados sobre éste en desconcierto; él no dijo nada, sólo inclinó su cabeza.

Escrito en parte el 17 de Julio del 2009, en un hotel en Satipo, mientras visitaba las cataratas y a los nativos de la Selva Central, en Perú.



Publishing And Digital And Electronic Rights

The following publishing industry article addresses some of the legal issues arising for publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, authors, and others as a result of the prevalence of e-mail, the Internet, and so-called “digital” and “electronic publishing”. As usual, publishing law generally and the law of the digital right and electronic right specifically, governing these commercial activities, has been slow to catch up to the activity itself. Yet most of the publishing industry “gray areas” can be resolved by imposing old common-sense interpretations upon new publishing lawyer and entertainment lawyer industry constructs, including the digital right and electronic right, and others. And if after reviewing this article you believe you have a non-jargonized handle on the distinction between “digital right” and “electronic right” in the publishing context, then I look forward to hearing from you and reading your article, too.

1. “Electronic Right[s]” And “Digital Right[s]” Are Not Self-Defining.

All publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, authors, and others must be very careful about the use of jargon – publishing industry jargon, or otherwise. Electronic and digital publishing is a recent phenomenon. Although as a publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney and unlike some others, I tend to use the phrase “electronic right” or even “digital right” in the singular number, there probably tends to be no single consensus as to what constitutes and collectively comprises the singular “electronic right” or “digital right”. There has not been sufficient time for the publishing, media, or entertainment industries to fully crystallize accurate and complete definitions of phrases like “electronic publishing”, “web publishing”, “electronic right[s]”, “e-rights”, “digital rights”, or “first electronic rights”.

These phrases are therefore usually just assumed or, worse yet, just plain fudged. Anyone who suggests that these phrases alone are already self-defining, would be wrong.

Accordingly, anyone, including a publishing lawyer or paralegal representing a book publisher or entertainment lawyer representing a studio or producer, who says that an author should do – or not do – something in the realm of the “electronic right” or “digital right” because it is “industry-standard”, should automatically be treated with suspicion and skepticism.

The fact of the matter is, this is a great era for authors as well as author-side publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, and they should seize the moment. The fact that “industry-standard” definitions of the electronic right and digital right have yet to fully crystallize, (if indeed they ever do), means that authors and author-side publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys can take advantage of this moment in history.

Of course, authors can also be taken advantage of, too – particularly those not represented by a publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney. There is a long and unfortunate history of that happening, well prior to the advent of the electronic right and digital right. It has probably happened since the days of the Gutenberg Press.

Every author should be represented by a publishing lawyer, entertainment attorney, or techgliding other counsel before signing any publishing or other agreement, provided that their own economic resources will allow it. (But I am admittedly biased in that regard). Part of the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney’s function in representing the author, is to tease apart the different strands that collectively comprise the electronic right or digital right. This must be done with updated reference to current technology. If your advisor on this point is instead a family member with a Smith-Corona cartridge typewriter or a Commodore PET, rather than an entertainment attorney or publishing lawyer, then it may be time to seek a new advisor.

Even authors who cannot afford publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney counsel, however, should avoid agreeing in writing to give broad contractual grants to publishers of “electronic publishing” – or the “electronic right”, or “electronic rights” or “digital rights”, or the “digital right”. Rather, in the words of “Tears For Fears”, the author and author counsel had “better break it down again”. Before agreeing to grant anyone the author’s “digital right: or “electronic right”, or any elements thereof, the author and his or her publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney need to make a list of all the possible and manifold electronic ways that the written work could be disseminated, exploited, or digitally or electronically otherwise used. Notice that the author’s list will likely vary, month to month, given the fast pace of technological advancements. For example, these kinds of questions can be considered by the author and publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney alike:

Electronic Digital Right Question #1, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Can the work be published in whole or in part on the Internet? In the context of an “e-zine”? Otherwise? If so, how? For what purpose? Free to the reader? For a charge to the reader?

Electronic Digital Right Question #2, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Can the work be disseminated through private e-mail lists or “listservs”? Free to the reader? For a charge to the reader?

Electronic Digital Right Question #3, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Can the work be distributed on CD-Rom? By whom? In what manner and context?

Electronic Digital Right Question #4, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: To what extent does the author, himself or herself, wish to self-publish this work, either before or after granting any electronic right or any individual “electronic publishing” rights therein to someone else? Will such self-publication occur on or through the author’s website? Otherwise?

Electronic Digital Right Question #5, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Even if the author does not self-publish, to what extent does the author wish to be able to use and disseminate this writing for his or her own portfolio, publicity, or self-marketing purposes, and perhaps disseminate that same writing (or excerpts thereof) electronically? Should that be deemed invasive of, or competitive with, the electronic right as otherwise contractually and collectively constituted?

The above list is illustrative but not exhaustive. Any author and any publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney will likely think of other elements of the electronic and digital right and other uses as well. The number of possible uses and complexities of the electronic right[s] and digital right[s] definitions will increase as technology advances. In addition, different authors will have different responses to the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney, to each of the carefully-itemized questions. Moreover, the same author may be concerned with the electronic right in the context of one of his/her works, but may not care so much in the context of a second and different work not as susceptible to digital right exploitation. Therefore, the author must self-examine on these types of electronic and digital right questions before responding to the author’s publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney and then entering into each individual deal. Only by doing so can the author avoid the pitfalls and perils of relying upon lingo, and relying upon someone else to dictate to them what is the electronic right or digital right “industry standard”. As the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney should opine, “There is no such thing as ‘industry standard’ in the context of a bilaterally-negotiated contract. The only standard that you the author should be worried about is the motivational ‘standard’ known as: ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get'”.


Viral Advertising Business Performance

  1. Why use viral advertising strategies in your business marketing efforts.
  2. Using shock therapy to implement an online advertising campaign for your business.
  3. Using viral advertising in your social media marketing and Facebook Fanpages will excel your results much faster.
  4. Don’t shove your advertising message down their throats, let it go viral naturally.
  5. Present unique and creative advertising campaigns to increase traffic and expose new prospects.
  6. Creating a viral epidemic of buyers is your main business goal with your advertising strategy.
  7. Learning to leverage your advertising budget for sustainable momentum.
  8. Establish a success formula that can be repeated in your business viral advertising over and over again.
  9. Add the most important ingredient to your advertising campaigns and that is creativity.
  10. Be prepared to embrace new technology, software and APPS in your marketing strategy.


1. There is nothing more effective in promoting your message as a good viral advertising campaign. Viral advertising is designed to use the power of many and inspire others to promote your message for you. This is simply “word of mouth” advertising, is amazingly effective. A business owner can start a viral advertising campaign with no money invested, and let the online community spread your message like wildfire. You can now save advertising money that you were spending on newspaper ads, flyers, door hangers, and even TV commercials. Viral advertising is estimated to be 500 and even up to 1000 times more effective that a regular ad campaign.

If you can learn how to express an idea with commitment and dedication that has an emotion attached to it, you will get people’s attention. It doesn’t matter if you are a madman or idiot, even bad press gets good press time. You can’t please everyone but you can get an emotional reaction out of most people, when owning a strong opinion and sharing it. Being neutral in your viral advertising will not bring you in the sales. Have something to say that will impact their life, or at least make them react a bit. Don’t worry about whether or not they love you or hate you, just be confident that your product is worth their attention either way and stay committed to gaining their trust.

2. Get your business noticed by shock marketing, state something completely unexpected that will make them stop and read more. Being dramatic and doing something out of the ordinary with your product gets attention. Are you just marketing advertisements, or are you marketing an extraordinary exiting story about your product. If you Ad is interesting and highlights your product in a subtle way, you will keep people’s attention longer, and get closer to bringing them to the “I want” it stage. Viral advertising is 100% about emotions, so take them by surprise and do something totally unexpected.

3. Set Up Exciting Viral Content in Parts and then sequels, where the viral advertising message continues.

Ever hear of Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 – once you create Part 1 they start looking for where do I find Part 2 as they want to know the end of the story or the end of the feature comparison prompting them to purchase your product. Make sure you keep their attention once you have it by providing a “Call To Action”. Sell them on the value of why they need your widget, gadget or useful product then introduce an offer they can’t refuse to purchase the product.

The next step is to motivate them to share your awesome and exciting presentation with another associate. This is the meat and potatoes of viral advertising, present information that is so interesting and unique that everyone wants to tell someone else what they read, heard or saw. Set up your “Shock Wave” content so that others can download and then embed it into their own blog or email to others. Upload a short video series on all your advertising “bloopers”, or business bloopers, maybe trying to put together a piece of furniture or equipment and getting it all wrong the first time. Then provide another “Call To Action” using your Facebook Fanpage that they can “Like”, along with the other top social media sharing sites.

4. It is not surprising to hear that many consumers feel jaded when it comes to online shopping. maltepe escort Nobody wants products shoved down their throats through mass advertising methods and using hard sell marketing. If you want to get the consumers attention in this fast paced modern world, you need to be unique and most importantly interesting. Smart consumers are quickly distracted from boring content and they will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to your viral advertising message.

A proven and trusted method of advertising and marketing that get results is viral advertising, and fortunately for the marketer new software developments can make all the difference. Your personal recommendation is still stronger than any other form of advertising on the planet period! People trust people, and with smart phones using text messaging by the second, and social media sites getting posted on every event of the day, if you have presented your product offer in a way that makes them remember you, you have one half the battle.

5. By fulfilling some unique marketing strategies you remove your business from the mainstream humdrum advertising practices. It’s a known fact that many people feel frustrated with the usual conventional way many businesses sell their products. Don’t let your business fall into this pitiful trap of no return. Step to the plate and be the one who stands out in the crowd, who motivates prospects to burn blisters on their fingers, texting about your great buy of the day.

Business owners are becoming much more conscious of profits and losses due to advertising decisions they have made, and it’s impact on their ROI (return of investment). So the questions comes forth “can we affect people from the inside, from their emotional self and not just from the mind”? So is viral advertising becoming not only the new trend but the must have trend to succeed online. It is our ability to influence the mass public at large that creates successful viral advertising campaigns. Ads that influence the behavior of the viewer in such a ways that they are motivated to share their exciting experience is the purest testament of what viral advertising is all about. If enough of their friends and contact embraces their excitement over what they have been exposed to the viral advertising cycle begins to circulate.

6. Your ultimate goal of course would be to create an viral advertising campaign that causes a behavioral epidemic of buyers. An infectious viral result where everyone wants to be able to say “Yes I Saw That”, or “Yes I heard about that”, or “Yes I watched that”, so that they appear to be in the loop with the latest and newest hot selling protégé. Some marketers prey on the idea of owning a “Secret”, something so special that only a few get access to it. It then becomes an obsession everyone wants to know the secret and will go to any length to get access to it. If you can only offer medium media exposure of your product, then relying on these viral advertising methods becomes essential.

So is your goal to place an advertisement that is seen by 10 who tell one person each, becomes 20 who tell one person becomes 40 and so on. Or do you want real viral advertising success where you place your viral advertisement and get 100 who tell 10, who tell 10 who tell 10. So who is in control here, the business marketing manager of course, the one who decides how the advertising budget is allocated. Is he reserved and old fashioned, or is he brave and uninhibited and adventurous. It is an knows fact that Viral Advertising does in fact work very effectively, and it is the business owners goal to seek out a reliable viral advertising business source.

7. Once your viral advertising campaign has become viralized, it is proof that you have found a suitable target market audience for your product. Once this is identified, you can leverage your viral advertising budget maintaining a perpetual cycle and not a static ad campaign. In order to always be able to identify your most effective viral advertising campaign, it is important to use proven methodologies with specific tracking measures built right in.

8. So does your business have an “Online Viral Advertising Formula”? Is your business aiming high for thousands of hits, a true testament of a successful viral advertising campaign. Marketing consultants know that the more informative your advertising the more persuasive it will be to the consumer. What really makes the consumer decide to purchase your product is based on the content provided in the advertisement more than it’s layout or and whether or not their is something worth sharing, or texting about.

With the ever changing fast moving internet world coming up with a formula for viral advertising is not an easy task. A good rule of thumb is “What motivates you to share a viewed advertisement is different to what motivates you to get out your credit card and finish the purchase.

9. Going back to our conversation about emotions, if you can make someone laugh or gasp or look in disbelief to what they are viewing your chances are the best that they will share that experience with their friends, associates, and followers on social media sites.

The magic of every successful viral advertising campaign begins with a great unique idea. The one main ingredient in all online successful advertising campaigns is creativity in your graphics, your presentation, your keywords and your identified target market. Training business owners though to give each viral advertising campaign they embark on time to mature, time for the seed to sprout, time for the momentum to build and the rewards to pour in from all their hard work and efforts.

10. Don’t be shy to take advantage of the ever fast changing technology world to benefit your business advertising efforts. Finding a great viral advertising business can be a real game changer for your online advertising results. Most importantly look for a viral advertising business that is free to join, and that uses state of the art software designed to drive your business into the next galaxy.

Viral advertising will always win in the end simply due to the abundant measure of viewing numbers. A strong viral advertising strategy will encourage individuals to share an article, a podcast, a video or simply an online advertisement, resulting in exponential exposure by it’s massive influence.


A Brief History of Special Education

Perhaps the largest and most pervasive issue in special education, as well as my own journey in education, is special education’s relationship to general education. History has shown that this has never been an easy clear cut relationship between the two. There has been a lot of giving and taking or maybe I should say pulling and pushing when it comes to educational policy, and the educational practices and services of education and special education by the human educators who deliver those services on both sides of the isle, like me.

Over the last 20+ years I have been on both sides of education. I have seen and felt what it was like to be a regular main stream educator dealing with special education policy, special education students and their specialized teachers. I have also been on the special education side trying to get regular education teachers to work more effectively with my special education students through modifying their instruction and materials and having a little more patience and empathy.

Furthermore, I have been a mainstream regular education teacher who taught regular education inclusion classes trying to figure out how to best work with some new special education teacher in my class and his or her special education students as well. And, in contrast, I have been a special education inclusion teacher intruding on the territory of some regular education teachers with my special education students and the modifications I thought these teachers should implement. I can tell you first-hand that none of this give and take between special education and regular education has been easy. Nor do I see this pushing and pulling becoming easy anytime soon.

So, what is special education? And what makes it so special and yet so complex and controversial sometimes? Well, special education, as its name suggests, is a specialized branch of education. It claims its lineage to such people as Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard (1775-1838), the physician who “tamed” the “wild boy of Aveyron,” and Anne Sullivan Macy (1866-1936), the teacher who “worked miracles” with Helen Keller.

Special educators teach students who have physical, cognitive, language, learning, sensory, and/or emotional abilities that deviate from those of the general population. Special educators provide instruction specifically tailored to meet individualized needs. These teachers basically make education more available and accessible to students who otherwise would have limited access to education due to whatever disability they are struggling with.

It’s not just the teachers though who play a role in the history of special education in this country. Physicians and clergy, including Itard- mentioned above, Edouard O. Seguin (1812-1880), Samuel Gridley Howe (1801-1876), and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1787-1851), wanted to ameliorate the neglectful, often abusive treatment of individuals with disabilities. Sadly, education in this country was, more often than not, very neglectful and abusive when dealing with students that are different somehow.

There is even a rich literature in our nation that describes the treatment provided to individuals with disabilities in the 1800s and early 1900s. Sadly, in these stories, as well as in the real world, the segment of our population with disabilities were often confined in jails and almshouses without decent food, clothing, personal hygiene, and exercise.

For an example of this different treatment in our literature one needs to look no further than Universitas Jambi Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (1843). In addition, many times people with disabilities were often portrayed as villains, such as in the book Captain Hook in J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan” in 1911.

The prevailing view of the authors of this time period was that one should submit to misfortunes, both as a form of obedience to God’s will, and because these seeming misfortunes are ultimately intended for one’s own good. Progress for our people with disabilities was hard to come by at this time with this way of thinking permeating our society, literature and thinking.

So, what was society to do about these people of misfortune? Well, during much of the nineteenth century, and early in the twentieth, professionals believed individuals with disabilities were best treated in residential facilities in rural environments. An out of sight out of mind kind of thing, if you will…

However, by the end of the nineteenth century the size of these institutions had increased so dramatically that the goal of rehabilitation for people with disabilities just wasn’t working. Institutions became instruments for permanent segregation.

I have some experience with these segregation policies of education. Some of it is good and some of it is not so good. You see, I have been a self-contained teacher on and off throughout the years in multiple environments in self-contained classrooms in public high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. I have also taught in multiple special education behavioral self-contained schools that totally separated these troubled students with disabilities in managing their behavior from their mainstream peers by putting them in completely different buildings that were sometimes even in different towns from their homes, friends and peers.

Over the years many special education professionals became critics of these institutions mentioned above that separated and segregated our children with disabilities from their peers. Irvine Howe was one of the first to advocate taking our youth out of these huge institutions and to place out residents into families. Unfortunately this practice became a logistical and pragmatic problem and it took a long time before it could become a viable alternative to institutionalization for our students with disabilities.

Now on the positive side, you might be interested in knowing however that in 1817 the first special education school in the United States, the American Asylum for the Education and Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb (now called the American School for the Deaf), was established in Hartford, Connecticut, by Gallaudet. That school is still there today and is one of the top schools in the country for students with auditory disabilities. A true success story!

However, as you can already imagine, the lasting success of the American School for the Deaf was the exception and not the rule during this time period. And to add to this, in the late nineteenth century, social Darwinism replaced environmentalism as the primary causal explanation for those individuals with disabilities who deviated from those of the general population.

Sadly, Darwinism opened the door to the eugenics movement of the early twentieth century. This then led to even further segregation and even sterilization of individuals with disabilities such as mental retardation. Sounds like something Hitler was doing in Germany also being done right here in our own country, to our own people, by our own people. Kind of scary and inhumane, wouldn’t you agree?

Today, this kind of treatment is obviously unacceptable. And in the early part of the 20th Century it was also unacceptable to some of the adults, especially the parents of these disabled children. Thus, concerned and angry parents formed advocacy groups to help bring the educational needs of children with disabilities into the public eye. The public had to see firsthand how wrong this this eugenics and sterilization movement was for our students that were different if it was ever going to be stopped.



How to Create an Online Store

With the internet as big and far reaching as it is today everyone should start thinking about having some sort of online presence in order to keep up with the changing methods of buying and selling. In order to create an online store there are a few steps you need to keep in mind and you should be able to start bringing in sales from all around the country and possibly even the world if you’re interested in that.

1. Come up with a name. If you already want to create an online store chances are good that you already have a name for your store but is it a good name? A name needs to be memorable and instantly tell your customer what you are about and what you sell. With a brick and mortar store you can afford a little mystery as people are more likely to wander in out of sheer curiosity. With the internet being all about instant gratification though the user tends to get frustrated and just click away; why try to figure out your store when they can go to one that gives them exactly what they need? To create an online store is to create an online presence, and to be most effective the user needs to know what that presence stands for and is capable of doing.

2. Select your products. Now that you have a name picked out you have to figure out what it is you are going to sell once you create an online store. There are many different options in this step as you can sell things you made or things others made. You can personally own the product or go through a drop shipper that handles all the shipping and products. edibles-store In my experience the most successful online stores are those that offer something unique to the user base; a product that is either unique or highly sought after. When you create an online store you need to place this at the top of your last and have a plan for how you are going to obtain your products and how much you plan on selling them for, this will make the process go along a lot smoother.

3. Figure out design, color, etc. Just as important as your name is your design and color palette. A store with a very muddy or too busy palette can bomb even if you have the worlds coolest name. Think of it in terms of a real life store again. If you go to a store and are instantly bombarded with bright colors and flashing lights, unless you’re in Las Vegas chances are you won’t stick around. You have to keep this in mind when you create an online store as you no longer have the physical act of entering a store it is a purely visual experience. You want to try to stick with all muted pastel colors or all vibrant saturated colors. With computer monitors across the nation showing information differently you need to make your color design as cohesive as possible so it looks as similar as possible from one monitor to the next so you have some sort of quality control on what the viewer is seeing.

4. Choose a hosting service. This is a crucial step in the process to create an online store as this can make or break your success. You need to pick a hosting company that best fits you and your needs. Most E-Commerce solutions offer a wide variety of hosting packages and different perks with each package so make sure you do your research. One thing to always keep in mind is whether or not they are pleasant to work with because if your site should go down for any reason or you want to make changes you can’t figure out on your own you will need to call them. So I recommend before choosing one for sure you should call all the potential providers and have a talk with them. If they are friendly and informative I’d move them to the top of the list, but if you get shuffled around on the phone or never actually talk to a real person I’d move them to the bottom of the list. The hosting provider is in essence your partner when you create an online store and you need to make sure you partner will be there for you and have your best interest at heart.

5. Market your store. Once you’ve got the store up and running you have to out some work into it; this is the stage where most stores start to fail. A person purchases inventory and gets the store going but expects people to just find their store and the products to start flying off the shelves. To create an online store is easy, but to successfully run an online store is bit trickier. Make sure you get your store out there. Find relevant blog posts or become a trusted member of a forum relevant to your products. If people don’t know your store exists they can’t very well buy from it. One method that can help when first starting out is to spend a little money each month of Pay Per Click ads; while they may not be the cheapest way to market, they help when an online store is first starting out. After you create an online store you can also look to much cheaper methods in your local area. Make a batch of T-Shirts with your logo on and website on it and get friends and family to wear them or get permission to hand them out at local athletic events. Anything you can do to get your store name and website out there can potentially bring in new customers both by direct contact and by word of mouth.

6. Perform standard upkeep on the store. Once you start to get customers coming in and a little revenue flowing make sure you don’t start to relax too much, yes the hard parts over but you still have to keep future customers happy and to do that you have to stay active with the store. If I go to an online store and it doesn’t look like the products or anything has been updated recently I generally don’t buy anything from there because who’s to say the person is even still in business in real life? It’s very easy for an online store to fall through the cracks and still be up even though the physical store has closed down. For this reason you need to constantly be updating things and make your customers feel like you care about the store because if you don’t then why should they? An easy way to do this is to attach a blog to the store that you update every few days with either news about your products and plans or just little tidbits about your days; this will help form a sort of community around your store and you’ll start to notice regulars commenting on articles.

7. Start planning for longevity. What I mean here is that once you’ve put all this hard work into your store, started moving product and have a small community you need to start planning what you can do next to keep them coming back. With a physical store the reliability and reluctance to go searching for new places keeps customers coming back but with online stores and the ability to find a product nearly anywhere online you have to make your store extremely welcoming and cozy to get people coming back. Think about promotions you can offer to customers who post most frequently in your blog, or ways you can improve your store with a new look or wider variety of products, just don’t let the store get stagnant. After you create an online store it is a full time job to keep it up and running and to maintain success, but there is no other feeling like it as you are your own boss while all the failure belongs to you, every ounce of the success belongs to you as well and that’s a truly great feeling.


Alphabet Coloring Pages

Excellent Alphabet Coloring Pages

All preschool kids need basic education at home that includes – teaching them about the alphabets, numeric figures and names of various objects around us! Psychologists from their numerous studies have found that children specially the preschool kids always learn things better if they are provided in a comfortable, fun and sweet manner. That is why you always find the alphabet books in colorful mode and the letters in a variety of designs that look attractive. But how many books can you buy? It is not the matter of cost, but matter of time and dedication. You have to go out and have a look at those alphabet books. So, to make things easier for you to find excellent alphabets and designs, the alphabet coloring pages have been discovered.

The world of web has been really blissful in these matters. You can find ready made alphabet coloring pages in hundreds of styles and colors. The use of these coloring sheets is perfect to teach preschool children the alphabets and also make them read and write them in proper fashion. The coloring sheets make perfect alphabet games as they come in funny shapes or associated with things children love like dogs, monkeys, fairies, flowers, garlands, cartoon characters and others.

To get the alphabet coloring pages it is very simple. You just need to click on the pages listed in the site and select them. As new window opens you find the full view of the pages. Now go to the option Print in the File Menu and command ‘Print’. The printer connected to your computer or laptop would print the page/s. Once you are done, close the window. It is that simple. coloringpagesonly You can find hundreds of such useful coloring pages with alphabetical games that enable your kids not only to learn the alphabets, but also memorize them and write them properly.

All types of alphabet coloring pages available over the internet are an extension of Preschool Alphabet activities and crafts work. They have been designed in such ways that create interest in the minds of children. Simply teaching the preschools with boring alphabets may have negative impact on them. They may not find things interesting and may feel that you go too strict with them when they cannot pronounce or write the letters or able to relate to objects or things that start with the any alphabet initially. For instance they may find it difficult to remember tough words like ‘H for Horse or House or Home.’ You may think it is silly, but remember they are small kids, what is easy for you may not be easy for them.

But the alphabet color pages which come with designs and small drawings like beautiful coloring objects make it easy for them to remember the words. When ‘H for Horse or Home or House’ is linked with pictures or cartoons of the objects, they find it interesting and funny and remember quickly. Thus this is one very important benefit that you get from alphabet coloring pages.

All the alphabet coloring pages are designed by designers who draw alphabets in variety of shapes that create some kind of interest in their minds and they can imagine and related them to objects. Such images on the pages reinforce letter and numeric figure recognition and also improve writing skills. The children also try to draw or write the alphabets beautifully as in the coloring pages. Thus their basic starts with some discipline and interest to create things better.

Who needs alphabet coloring pages?

As already stated that alphabet coloring pages are specially designed for preschool children, however they can also be used for toddlers, kindergarten students, and also for first grade students who are little slow in learning. They have been designed to have good and positive impact on the learning capacities of children.

Almost all types of alphabet coloring pages and printable materials feature school compatible Standard Block Print or D’Nealian Modern Block Print handwriting guidelines. Thus you don’t have to worry about the standards of the coloring pages for children.

All the color/sans color printed alphabet coloring pages can be used as teaching aid, education display poster, decorate rooms of your children, homemade alphabet boot, coloring book and also theme alphabet coloring book. The alphabets from the printed pages can be cut into basic shapes too to make homemade puzzles for making study of alphabets more interesting.

Importance of Alphabet Coloring Pages
Kids actually enjoy learning from an early age, only you should know how to teach them. Such alphabet coloring sheets make studies lot easier and lighter for them. They learn from the very beginning to take the studies like games and build strong base for learning things easily. Lots of children at higher classes cannot handle the pressure of studies because they don’t know the exact process or method of learning because their preschool learning had been very much mechanical and dull.

On the contrary preschool teens that are exposed to such easy learning process that makes things interesting and easier for them to study, they develop better learning skills and enjoy learning throughout life. The alphabets in colorful and designed methods help provide information much quicker and easier to the children and enable them to relate or learn things easily.

Benefits of using alphabet coloring pages
If you have computer, printer and internet at your home you don’t have to spend on the expensive coloring books anymore to teach preschool kids at home. It is just a matter of minutes. You can immediately get the coloring pages over the internet and start printing the pages. You save a great deal of money.

Another benefit has already been discussed above, that kids enjoy colorful learning and they love such fun loving methods.

Besides you can get multiple copies. That is because kids do have habit of destroying things specially the books and papers. If they tear apart one page, you can have another ready immediately for him/her. And everything is in digital format, thus you can store some pages in your computer too and get them printed when you need one.

Thus alphabet coloring pages enrich children’s imagination, improve fine motor skills, and help them distinguish the world around them and to expand their outlook.


Learn English Easily at Home

It is the hope of many people, whether for personal or professional reasons, that they will be able to learn English easily. The very idea of learning a new language can often make even the most capable learners nervous. Fortunately, there are people who learn English well every single day, and with the right planning and work, you can be one of those people

Make a Plan
Although no one can guarantee that you will be able to learn English easily with any one particular method, it can definitely be guaranteed that without planning in advance, you will not learn English very easily at all. enetviet Whether you plan to learn English by natural methods such as watching English television, listening to English radio, and conversing with people in English as much as possible, or you prefer a more study oriented approach such as taking an English course, or perhaps a combination of the two methods, if you don’t have a clear plan and goals, learning English will not come easily.

Organic Language Acquisition
Organic language acquisition is a natural method of learning a language the way a child might learn to speak his or her native tongue. This is a very natural language learning method, and if you are able to totally immerse yourself in the English world, you will certainly be able to learn English easily. Immersion in the language requires that you do not speak any language other than English. To practice this method, watching television, listening to the radio, reading magazines and newspapers, cooking from recipes, and following various verbal and written instructions, should all be in English. This is particularly effective for non-English speakers who have recently moved to an English country.

Curriculum Based Language Acquisition
For those who prefer a more structured environment when learning English, curriculum based language acquisition might be a good choice. Many people are able to learn English easily by enrolling in an English class, using at-home English learning computer software, or listening to an English language instructional course on CD while driving in their cars. There are also many workbooks, flashcards, and self-tests that can be used to support this method of learning English

Combination Approach
For most people a combination of the above two approaches is the fastest and best way to learn English easily. If a person only goes to classes but never engages in real-life conversations, they will have a very difficult time becoming totally fluent, and a person who is immersed in a language verbally but never learns the specific grammatical rules will not be able to use his or her English in a professional setting very effectively. Therefore, if possible, the English learner should engage in a curriculum based approach to learning English, but should also be sure to engage in conversation with and listen to native English speakers as much as he or she can manage in order to facilitate the quickest learning possible.

Quick Tips
If a person is determined to learn English easily, he or she should also be sure to adhere to certain guidelines that will help them in their mission. First, be certain that your family, friends, and colleagues all know that you are trying to learn English, and that whenever possible, they should speak to you in English rather than your native tongue. Secondly, do not focus on just a single element of language acquisition at the expense of others. For example, it is not advisable to only attempt to speak the language but neglect to read it, write it, or listen to it being spoken. In order to be successful at obtaining fluency, a person should be attentive to all the different language elements.

Because English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the entire world and can be instrumental to a person’s personal and professional success, it is no wonder that there are so many people intent on learning to speak it with fluency. With the right planning and a lot of determination, anyone can learn to speak English quickly and easily. Combining an immersion approach with a curriculum based program will afford almost anyone the right foundation for a lifetime of speaking English. As long as the English makes a concrete plan with a set goal and adheres to it, he or she will be speaking English in a very short amount of time.