Experiencing Whale Watching At The Top Of The World

For one of the most serene experiences that one can have in this lifetime, Whale Watching in Iceland must definitely be on your list. The icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean have scores of whales of every species and size imaginable. Whale watching is something that visitors from all over the world come to enjoy here. The main centers of whale watching are Dalvik and Húsavík. Then in the Midwestern section you have Ólafsvík and Stykkishólmur. These are located on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. A half hour drive from Reykjavík is Höfn in the East as well as Keflavík and Sandgerði in the southwestern section.

Despite whale watching being a major activity here in Iceland, it is not really commercialized.  ホームページ制作 福岡  There are several private agencies that take groups of tourists at a time in boats. Besides being able to see majestic whales you will also get the chance to look at some great species of birds and other marine life forms. And another must see attraction is the sun at midnight that is found in the winter time of the year.

Some of the most common species of whale are the Minke Whale and Dolphins. This last one adds to the thrill by leaping near boats and acting all playful around them. You will also be able to spot the massive Humpback whales. These amble away in the water waving their tails in the air and if you are really lucky, they will breach water for you as well. Killer Whales are also sighted pretty often. The rare ones are Sperm Whales and Pilot Whales, and need to be really lucky to see these. Pilot whales travel in large pods and if you sight one, you will find many to follow. There are also chances that you will see the blue whale, fin whale and the sei whale. Also on the list of probables are the white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoise.

Some other great sights that you are going to witness, especially if you are visiting between February and March are the great Northern lights. Depending on where you are located, you could begin your whale watching trip from a fjord on a cruise. Or you could opt for an adventure with an expert crew on the high seas. You are sure to be witness to some sights that you never thought of and have some great opportunities for photos and viewing.

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