Main Doors DOs and DON’Ts in Feng Shui

House facing and your main door

Every house or apartment building has a sitting and a facing direction and in most cases we can intuitively differentiate them. The facing is usually the side with allow the maximum qi energy into your house.

How to determine which site allow the most qi energy?

First, you must remember that we all bring in the most qi energy into the house when we walk through the main door.

Take an example, you stay in a condominium where there are on-going construction nearby and you pass by the construction site every time you want to go home. You will definitely bring along all the killing qi “sha” into your house once you open your main door and walk in. You are not climbing into your condo through the balcony. Your family members are more prone to sickness.

Take another example. This is a truth story. Mr. David Lee was staying in a double storey house. He have a large glass door on the ground floor facing south and his balcony also facing south and his main door is facing west. You might want to conclude that his house facing is South. There was a huge construction site in front of his house not far away. Mr. Lee thought that by not using the glass door and balcony (and also by having curtains) will block all the killing qi. However, he used to passed by the constructon site whenever he want to go home. He entered his house using his south facing door. This means he was bring all the killing qi into his house.

Thus, the site that allow the most qi entering your house is the most frequently used door. Therefore, you can conclude that the facing direction is the facing of your main door.

You should take the compass reading standing inside your house facing your main door.


1. Priority 1. choose alesco the best facing direction for the main door. It is the mouth of chi. You entire house’s feng shui depends on it. Use our “Online virtual feng shui master” to find the best direction and make sure your house score at least 3 stars. Click here

2. Priority 2. be located at your Sheng Qi location to the owner’s Kua. Make sure you did priority 1. Warning: If priority 1. is totally wrong no matter where is the location of the main door it becomes insignificant.

3. when open make sure it either open to the front or side of the house and face spacious area.

4. open into a non-cluttered area.

5. well-lit area of the house.

6. obstruction free.

Main door facing any sha qi or open into any wrongfully features inside the house will bring bad feng shui into the house.


The main door should not open to face

1. directly onto street lamp posts, street sign
2. directly onto a tree.
3. a mirror inside the house. This is one of the most crucial mistake and very often happened to modern houses.
4. a toilet
5. kitchen inside the house. In case of open concept kitchen, make sure it not facing directly onto your stove.



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