Trade Show Cases – Examine Your Options

Most portable trade show display manufacturers provide cases to ship their products. Some of them purchase premade cases from case manufacturers and some make their own cases. Either way there must be a case involved to ship tradeshow materials. We will look at some of the types of cases and examine the pros and cons of these various methods of protecting trade show display materials.

Banner stand cases

Most banner stands are constructed from aluminum tubes with retractable graphics screens inside that pull out and have a shock corded tube that supports its height at around 90″ tall. Most of these aluminum tubes are around 30-35 inches long with a 4-5 inch diameter with a weight of under 20 lbs.. Our experience is that any of the molded tube cases that fit the dims of the banner stands will work fine with these displays. Tubeshowcase It is important that adequate foam padding be added to keep the contents from sliding around inside the case causing damage.

Folding panel displays

The stackable folding panel trade show display is designed by the manufacturers to fit in a UPS able case. So most of these displays are roughly 45″ Long x 25″ wide x 6-9″ deep (depending on the number of panels). The type of cases most manufacturers use for these systems are thermo-molded shippers with lids that fit down over the bases and nylon straps that pull this lid down tight on the base holding the contents secure. Look for molded in handles that cannot be knocked off, steel buckles on the nylon straps (not plastic that can be broken easily, and look for cases with wheels on one end so that the cases can be pulled on the wheels. Usually these cases can weight from 80 to 120 lbs each when full which is impossible to carry. So wheels are critical.

Popup displays

The folding panel popup display has the most specific and unusual case of all. However, they can always be shipped in simple round tube type cases as they were in the early 1980’s when they were first introduced into the US trade show display market. Today these cases have compartments internally for rolled panels, folded geodesic frameworks and channel bars. Again wheels are important because most of these cases can weight between 60- 90 lbs. loaded. Some cases on the market have more well protected wheel wells built into the molding and therefore are preferred because they will hold up longer.

Trade show truss displays

Trade show truss displays are usually larger and heavier than any of the other trade show displays we’ve examined thus far. These displays are usually shipped in either similar cases to the panel displays or in larger truck freight only 4’x4’x2′ thermo molding shipping tubs which have provisions for forklift access on the bottoms. Most truss displays are shipped in the truck freight tubs rather than the rectangular trade show cases because these offer the most space for other options that truss systems use such as plasma screen mounts, slat wall panels, multiple shelving, lights portable tables and chairs etc.

The various shipping cases that are used for the various trade show displays options range from small tube cases for banner stands to large truck freight only tubs for the larger trade show truss displays. Most manufacturers provide the proper case for their display hardware, however occasionally more durable or appropriate cases can be found when shopping the shipping cases vendors directly.

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