Internet Marketing in Estonia: 3rd Position in Marketing

Internet marketing has reached the third position in the Estonian marketing field. As the abilities of the Internet expand, the demands of customers and the needs of companies grow. It is important for companies in autobedrijfdehucht Estonia to keep up with the growing trends of internet marketing as it holds the key of success for extra revenue and competitive advantages. For most companies belonging to the web is a logical part of their business model.

Internet penetration in Estonia is about 76% and 21% amongst 16-74 year old have bought something from the web, which is higher than the average European figure. David Phillips, online PR professor from England predicts that in 2015 internet sales capacity will make 22% of Estonian sales capacity. In addition, social media is used by 66% of Estonian residents between the ages of 15 and 74 and 41% spend at least an hour a day on it. That should make company owners think more about how their webpages and marketing plan supports this trend.

Despite Estonia’s reputation for e-innovation, internet marketing adoption levels were just a few years ago pretty low and unsophisticated. Today businesses have started to understand that e-business is an inevitable progress and to stay in competition essential measures must be applied. Internet marketing demands long term dedication on SEO development, AdWords, social media marketing etc. Most successful social media campaigns have managed to collect about 6,000 fans a day. For example Post24 was awarded for the most successful Facebook campaign, collecting over 40 000 fans within just 3 weeks. Also, Estonian Air was awarded by SimpliFlying Awards of Excellence as the most successful airline company worldwide that earned profit through social media. But they are just a few amongst many. Most social media campaigns are average fan collecting campaigns that carry little effect on sales.

Estonian market has noticed the opportunity to receive extra revenue using social media. And yet, internet marketing reaches far beyond social media. Different internet marketing activities must be integrated to achieve desired results, like a good and functional website, SEO, AdWords, email marketing etc. For example using integrated internet marketing Kalesy windows and doors have raised the amount of web site visitors around 250% and queries in one month around 400% with SEO and AdWords.

Campaigns of this scale and success are usually managed by professional internet consultants. Internet marketing agency will help you with more complicated procedures like SEO, developing a functional web page, mobile web page, analytics of customer behaviours and internet planning. A few simple tasks can be coped on your own, but managing the whole online marketing is a time-consuming process that may disturb your regular job. Therefore consulting with professionals helps your company to achieve desired results.

The practice from internet marketing in Estonia shows that a well-planned and developed online marketing campaign can carry great success. There is no denial that e-business is an inevitable progress and to stay in competition online marketing is a logical development for Estonian businesses.

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