How You Can Turn Email Conversations Into Online Articles

Have you ever thought about using your email conversations for possible online content or turning them into online articles? Well let me explain how I do this some times and how you might also. You see, I generally use my words in my articles, I have and do use the words that “I write” in emails in my articles often enough.

You were to email me, I would not use your words without permission, but I will use my words in answering any questions. If I use any of your words or anyone else’s words then they would be for reference only, perhaps a question or I might say one “Thinker asks…” or “one person poses the question…”

Of course you must understand I have no need to use anyone else’s ideas, concepts or words in my articles, I flow with information, I can’t turn it off and I am unlimited in thought and subject matter. My mind goes so fast, I can never possibly get all the words out. I am careful not to use other people’s concepts in my writing without giving them credit; I have my own 1,000s of them.

If use someone else’s words it would be “fair use” and it would be stated that it came from somewhere else and generally the source as well, unless some one like you wished to be anonymous, in this case I would make a reference that “someone said…”

I think you should consider this and let your friends know and I bet they help you with all kinds of great ideas for articles and this will help increase your content quantity, which is the most important thing in online article writing.

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