The Online School Backpack

At the end of every summer, stores will fill with school supplies as students head back to school. Entire aisles will be dedicated to the mass amount of pencils, staplers, and erasers snapped up in mass. Those attending an online school don’t usually participate in snatching up these discount office supplies, but that doesn’t meant there isn’t preparation and supplies the successful online student needs. But what sort of things can you put in an online backpack? Read on!


Every student needs to take notes, and online school is no exception. Word Processors are essential for writing papers and for taking notes. Those who don’t have one can download one of the many free online word processors. Tip: to keep track of your notes name the document ahead of time, one for each class session, that way your notes start organized.

Calendar/Day Planner

Calendar tools are very important for keeping track of your online assignments. Remember, since there is no physical classroom, you are less likely to get reminded of when assignments are due. Most computers come with a scheduling program of some kind, otherwise its wise to download one. Many e-mail programs have built-in calendar programs to make it easy to jot down new assignments and reminders from e-mails.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

There are many online dictionary programs and thesauruses. A web search for an online dictionary or free dictionary will yield dozens of results. Simply bookmark the links or add a shortcut to your desktop. Having quick access to a dictionary and thesaurus will prove invaluable when attending an online school.


One easy mistake to make is saving all files in the “my documents” folder, over time the number of documents could become so large that it becomes difficult to find a specific file. Treat your computer folders like real folders, make one for each class and name it after each course. Putting shortcuts to these folders on the desktop will assist in quickly finding files.


You never know when you’ll need a calculator. Maybe you need to determine what score you need on your next test, or double-check a fact. There are many situations when having a calculator at you side is invaluable. Most computers come with a calculator program, be sure to make a shortcut on the desktop so you can access it quickly.

Sticky Notes

Never underestimate sticky notes, even digital ones. There are always times when you need to jot down a quick note, or you want to remind yourself when the next assignment is due, or you think of something unrelated to class an want to write it down but don’t want to clutter up your notes. Sticky note programs vary, but most of them allow you to pick the color of the note and place them on your desktop as a reminder, just like in real life.

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