Hand Grip Plastic Containers – How to Choose Hand Grips For Your Product

Having the right type of container can make all the difference in how a product is displayed and used. Clear hand grip plastic containers are a great way to display food, products, and other items because of all the great qualities they have. The containers are clear, have a hand grip for easy pouring, they are reusable and recyclable. The neck can have threaded or snap-on finishes, tamper evident lids are available, and they are made with FDA approved materials.

Clear hand grip plastic containers are made from FDA approved materials. PVC or PET are the plastics that are used in the manufacturing process. PVC and PET are approved by the FDA for use with food. Unlike boxes or other plastics, the clear plastic is ideal for food and other items because it allows consumers to view what and how much of an item is in the container. Consumers like items that are displayed in clear materials because there is no guessing at what the contents looks like or how full the container is. The clear plastic allows a visual inspection of the container on shelves or behind a counter, there is no need for the item to be opened.

These plastic containers come in a variety of sizes and are designed with a hand grip designed to make pouring easy to do with one hand. Unlike other containers, there is no worrying about the container slipping due to the hand grip. The real benefit of the hand grip is evident with larger containers. Even a large container with a hand grip is still easy to hold and pour with one hand. Hand grip plastic containers come with two different necks and are available with tamper evident lids. The neck of the container can be manufactured to use a snap on or threaded lid.

Tamper evident lids are important when food will be inside the container because they make consumers feel safe. The finishing choices on the containers allow for the container to suit the needs of what they will be holding. The containers are made of high quality plastic that allow them to be reused and recycled. The quality of the design of the containers makes them the ideal choice for many items. Many people choose to reuse the containers around their home and workplace. If the containers do not get reused, it is important that they can be recycled.

Hand grip plastic containers are an environmentally friendly choice because they are fully recyclable. What an item is displayed in, effects how it is perceived. A high quality container increases the appeal of what is inside. Being able to see what is inside, easy to hold with one hand, having it be approved for use with food, and being able to be reused and recycled are all important qualities. The only containers that are able to meet all of these needs are clear, hand grip plastic containers.

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