Swift Marketing

If you are looking for “Swift Marketing” you might be looking for fast marketing results, or a company called “Swift Marketing”.

In either case, you care about one thing: results, as fast as possible, with as high a return on investment as possible.

First, marketing should be part of an overall strategy, not just a collection of tactics. Without an overall strategy, it’s inevitable you’ll get a lower return on your time and money than you want, and it may even result in winning some battles but losing the war for your clients and customer’s mind and wallet.

One of the most important decisions when looking for swift marketing results is looking at your audience, and prioritizing outbound “interruption” “active marketing” such as mass email, postcards, even print ads in magazines or newspapers vs. inbound or passive “be found” marketing such as search engine optimization (“SEO”), search engine marketing which includes pay-per-click (“PPC”), display media (such as banner ads, popunder, online video ads). Generally, passive marketing is more efficient and therefore cheaper, however, it can lead to less stability as your business is at the whims of the overall market, while active marketing is more consistent and predictable but more expensive.

Since you’ve searched for “swift marketing” you presumably want fast results, and for that we need to define just how swift you mean. If there are a lot of people searching for your product or service, then passive marketing can be powerful and fast, and this article is exactly an example that you can use for your business. I hope to deliver you enough value so that at the end, you’ll click through to my website, and this website already ranks well, and by carefully choosing keywords, I can be sure people looking for “swift marketing”, the keyword for which I want traffic, will find it. You can do the same for your business, it’s free, and easy to do assuming you have your basic website already set up.

Another swift marketing tactic for capturing online visitors is using PPC (Pay-per-click) while you ramp up your SEO (search engine optimization). PPC is like renting a house: you move in immediately to page one, but the moment you stop paying, you move out, while SEO is like building a house. It’ll take more time, but it’s often a better investment in the long run.

As a business owner, one question we hear a lot is what’s the best tactic or method for winning customers, and the answer I give is to “bet on the race, not a single horse”. What method is best is whatever method brings in the clients you want at a profitable cost-per-closed-sale. Factors that affect your best method to ramp up first include whether your product or service is discretionary or necessary, the timeline of a typical buying decision, profit per average sale, and the nature of your audience.

No matter what your business is, there’s a swift marketing method that will work for you. One trick is to study some competitors you respect, or similar businesses in other geographic sales territories or even a similar business but serving a different audience, then see what they’ve been doing for more than a few months. The trick here isn’t to base a decision on a snapshot, but on a consistent pattern that’s been in place for more than six months, coupled with any evidence of company growth (such as hiring more staff, investment into the company) or downsizing (tougher to tell, but can include lack of hiring, reactionary moves to cut cash flow, etc.).


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