Mighty Beanz Flip Track – Don’t Spill The Beanz

WARNING!!! Choking Hazard! This toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 because at 36 months exactly, a child’s brain suddenly recognizes a marble from a morsel of food. If only they could read there’s a warning on the package… to not eat Beanz. So there you have it.

The Mighty Beanz Flip Track comes in various colors; red, blue and orange. It also comes with a multitude of and accessories or other beanz based toys. carries the basic Mighty Beanz Flip Track in blue for only $9.40 and advertises many of the accessories and various other toys that go along with it. The red one on the other hand, was $8.99. Of course if you buy the Mighty Beanz Flip Track, expect to buy everything that goes along with it. And for those of you who are wondering, these things look like small eggs which are clearly weighted on one end (sort of like a weeble but you didn’t hear that from me, because that’s been done before after all). They have all sorts of crazy paint jobs and flip around while kids do races with them and other games. Oh and according to the video, some are rare and some are hot. Cool beanz!

What will they think of next?

Mind you, the Mighty Beanz Flip Track is just that. No beanz, just the track. Beanz are a completely separate entity. You can buy a six pack of random beanz (series differ); of course you’ll need more than that so there’s the three pack of poster beanz (this comes with a collector’s guide… I had no idea); there is a Spin Master Mighty Beanz Flip Track as well as the original… Or maybe this was the original… I don’t know; and if you’re really careless with those collectible beanz you’ll need the collector case capable of holding 24 beanz, to keep all your beanz organized (is it wise to put all your beans in one basket?); and no home should be without the Mighty Beanz Machinez single pack.

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