Arabic SEO: Top 3 Strategies

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Arabic SEO, let us first consider whether it is required for your website or not. As an online business owner, you may not want to invest in Arabic SEO, because your website already ranks high on Google for your keywords. But think about it – are you missing out on critical business just because other websites are ranking higher on Arabic keywords? We will leave you to ponder this point.

It is rather safe to assume that Arabic speaking people would use Arabic to surf the web. People in English speaking countries use the English language and people in China surf the web in Chinese. So, there is no reason to assume that Arab people won’t use Arabic. Yes, due to the lack of Arabic language websites, most people in the MENA region are still forced to surf English language websites. But the scenario is fast changing. In the next few years there will be massive investment in Arabic translation of online content and Arabic SEO. If you get into this activity now, you are bound to get the early mover advantage.

While there are many strategies that you can use for Arabic translation of your website content and Arabic SEO, there are three strategies that you cannot but use.

1. Hire a reputed SEO company
Only 3% of the websites that have their presence in the MENA region have Arabic content. Thus, there is a huge gap that your website can fill in. However, to be able to attract targeted audience to your website, you need someone that knows the Arabic language. And since translation alone is not going to work, proper SEO also needs to be done. This can only be possible when your SEO partner is experienced enough in the domain of Arabic SEO.

2. Go local
Local businesses command huge presence in the Arabic market. Whether small or medium sized, your objective should be to partner with the big names in the local market and use their online presence to promote your online presence. This again requires specialization that can only be provided by an experienced Arabic SEO and translation service provider.

3. Follow ethical SEO practices
At the end of the day, nothing compares with ethical SEO. Google follows the same Webmaster Guidelines in the MENA region. So, if you are planning to take shortcuts, link building and keyword stuffing and others, you will not gain anything in terms of high page rank score.

Arabic SEO is complicated, but it is possible. What you need is someone that knows about the job requirements. Once your website gets its presence in the Middle East online market, there would be nothing that stops your online sales.


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