Emotional Turmoil of the Full Moon

The moon can deeply affect your emotional mood, needs or desires. Ever been driving and wondered if there is a full moon happening because everyone seems on the edge of an emotional breakdown? It’s not only the day of the full moon, it is the week leading up to the full moon that you will see the most irrational behaviour. Thankfully, once the full moon has come, this energy dissipates very quickly.

Everyone will handle the energy of each full moon differently, depending on their personal relationship with that energy. There is also a new moon close to the beginning of each month, which means it is full but you are unable to see it because it sits between the Earth and the Sun with the illuminated side facing away from Earth.

Each month the moons energy will change. For example, the first full moon of the year is in Capricorn, so the energy coming from this full moon will be grounded and reserved. Capricorn Moon has a difficult time expressing emotions. You may think this is wonderful and you should not see a lot of chaos but for a person who has their natal moon in Pisces, who emotionally lives in the spiritual clouds dreaming, this will severely disrupt their energy for the week. Or living and speaking through their heart, Aries, will suddenly feel suppressed. The Capricorn energy will push the Pisces to get their heads out of the clouds and demand that Aries uses their head before showing emotions. Both will feel disrupted, angry and confused and it may seem cruel but the reality is that we are constantly being asked to find our way to balance. Are we emitting from our hearts without thinking about others or do we live in a dream world where others cannot connect to us? The energy is asking these people to check their emotional balance. Over the next 2 weeks, before the New Moon enters, many opportunities will come to help these people grow if they are open to the influences.

If you find yourself emotionally tilted during a full moon, acknowledge how you feel as the New Moon is approaching. The New Moon will always be in the polar opposite sign so the grounded and stable Capricorn moon follows two weeks later with emotionally insecure and home body, Cancer. Capricorn moon will still feel this less than many other signs because we are constantly being asked to balance ourselves, which means always living with our opposite sign energy. It is quite enlightening to document how you are feeling, what thoughts are popping into your mind during and after the Full Moon and then to write what thoughts came during the New Moon cycle. The questions you are being given will bring amazing, personal information, after the New Moon if you allow yourself open to this process.


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